Top Baby Names 2010

The results are in! The top baby names for 2010 are, wait for it: Isabella and Jacob. Oh, how Twilight. The list of top baby names for the year was just released by the Social Security Administration today, and it's the 11th year in a row that Jacob's come out on top, according to Yahoo News.

The list of top baby names from 2010 is in! (
According to the study, over 22,000 girls were born with the name Isabella last year, and 21,000 named Jacob. Emma was the top girls' name in 2009, so was bumped into the second spot, followed by Olivia. Mia is the only name added into the girls' top 10 this year.

For the boys, the top 10 included 2 new names from 2009: Noah and Jayden. Other popular boys' names in the top spots include: Ethan, Michael, Alexander, and Daniel. Surprised?

The girls' list contains names that are a little more inventive, and includes Sophia, Ava, and Chloe. "People seem to be a little bit more creative, inventive and flexible with their daughters' names," said Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue. "With boys, I think we tend to be a little bit more consistent. The names don't change quite as much."
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