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20 Netflix Movies That'll Give You The Love You Deserve This Valentine's Day

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In case you were wondering, the resolutions you made in January do indeed carry over into the rest of 2019. What we're absolutely not going to do is let each other fall into the trap that is Valentine's Day. Yes, yes?

This year, let's put our phones down and give our swiping fingers a rest. We know that love means a helluva lot more than a box of chocolates. It means showing up for your sister to clean up after a dead body, or time traveling to meet again for the first time, or waking up to realize you've made a huge mistake.

So don't freak out if Valentine's Day is looking rather grim for you. In fact, here are the 20 movies on Netflix that will let you fall in and out of love without having to block someone's number the next day.