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TV Shows That Went Downhill After Season 1

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There are very few TV shows that end perfectly. Breaking Bad comes to mind, and Six Feet Under. Does that mean the ones that don't are disappointments? Well... Kind of. That may sound harsh, but TV fans don't care about effort or behind-the-scenes semantics. We judge the finished product. Showrunner immersed in scandal? Too bad. Never had a plan past Season 1? Awe, that sucks. PREPARE TO BE JUDGED.

It's all in good fun, of course. TV shows that last more than one or two seasons are usually more than successful and therefore immune to fan grumbling. (Except for Game of Thrones. D&D really took it on the chin for those final episodes. Ouch.) It's hard to sustain greatness. That's why so few raise the bar. At any rate, we've curated a list of TV shows that, for whatever reason, went downhill after a fantastic start. Some were only great for Season 1, some had a few acclaimed seasons. But they all ended up on questionable roads eventually.